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Letter from the head


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the new school year. I hope you have all had a good summer and found time for some rest and relaxation.

I would particularly like to welcome the students, parents / carers of Year 7 and new staff who have joined us this year. I am sure it won’t take you long to settle and feel part of our Hove Park community.

We put together a special edition of Parklife at the end of August to celebrate the success of both our Year 11 and 6th Form students following their results. We are really proud of their achievements and I have included this again at the end of this edition in case you missed it.

The start of the new year gives us an opportunity to reinforce and agree how we can all work together to support students make progress and achieve success. The new Home / School Agreement that will be sent out this week sets out our individual responsibilities in making this happen. Tutors will be signing on behalf of the school and students will be bringing it home for you to sign and return. Once completed, it will serve as a reminder and a reference point for us all.

A key priority for the school (highlighted in our last Ofsted report) is improving attendance. Last year, we finished with an attendance figure of 93.3%. This is currently below national average and something we need to address. Our attendance target for this academic year is 95% and we will be sending home further information as well as speaking with students about the clear impact of good attendance on learning and progress.

We will also be sharing two other key documents with you at the start of term to ensure clarity in terms of understanding and expectations. These are:

  • - Key Stage 3 Assessment policy
  • - Behaviour policy

Finally, I’ve highlighted our bid for funding towards an outdoor gym several times over the last couple of weeks (see article below). At the time of writing, we are still 2nd in our category. The closing date for voting is the 6th September 2017 at 12pm, if you haven't already voted, we still need your help. Whether we win the funding bid or not, it has been good to see our whole community come together to support this project. A number of lovely comments were also left on the website which I thought I would share:

From day one the school has gone way beyond what I would have expected – they’ve been made to feel welcome and have been able to crack on with their education when a lot of things could have gone against them. Well done to all the Staff & Board at Hove Park School. Proud parent.

Great idea and much needed! Hove Park School needs our support. It deserves to get this for all the hard work the students and staff put in to make it such a welcoming and inclusive school. It has had no help for buildings or equipment for a very long time and soldiers on regardless. Go HPS!!!

Hove Park School is tremendous and the children would benefit hugely from this project. A great incentive.

Good Luck Hove Park School!!! You deserve this!! Great school and wonderful teachers.

Hove Park School has outstanding teachers who all go the extra mile for the pupils (including my children).

I wish all our students – particularly those joining the school for the first time – a very good start to the autumn term.

With best wishes,

Jim Roberts


With only one day to go we are now ranked number 2!! Please vote for Hove Park School!


Hove Park needs your help!

I wrote to you at the beginning of the holiday to let you know about our bid for £25,000 as part of an active living OneFamily community grant.

If successful we will use the money to install an outdoor gym on the Valley campus that will provide significant health-related exercise opportunities for students during both curriculum PE lessons, lunchtimes and after school. In simple terms, the more votes we get the greater the chance of our success. Only one bid will be successful which means every vote you give us counts!

I have just been on the OneFamily website and can tell you that we are currently ranked 2nd in our category.

Thank you to everyone who has voted for us. I am sure with a concerted effort between now and September 6th we can aim even higher and increase the chance of improving the sporting facilities provided for students both now and in the future.

To vote you need to follow the link below and be prepared to register with your full name, DOB, address and e-mail address. Please feel free to share the link with family and friends.

Jim Roberts - Head Teacher


Welcome from Head of Year 7


A very warm welcome to all our new Year 7’s. As students embark on the next phase of their education, the Year 7 team are here to help, support and guide students through their transition from Primary to Secondary school. There will be different expectations, experiences and opportunities. Embrace this exciting time – as with many things, the more you put into it the more you will get out. Whilst we understand that the transition can sometimes be challenging and there are new people, expectations and environments to get used to, there are also exciting opportunities and experiences to explore. We all look forward to working with you and getting to know you over the next few weeks.

Ms C Simpson, Head of Year 7


Changes to assessment at Key Stage 3


This year we are no longer going to be using attainment grades A*-G to assess students’ achievement in Years 7, 8 and 9. Instead, assessment at Key Stage 3 will focus on what progress a student is making. Teachers will report whether students are making: ‘expected progress’, ‘above expected progress’, or, ‘below expected progress’. 

How will teachers know a student is making progress?

When students start here Hove Park School we use their prior attainment at KS2 to establish minimum expected GCSE target grades. Students then follow a learning pathway at Key Stage 3, which sets out the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to acquire in each subject, to ensure they will be able to achieve their target grade when they move up to GCSE. Teachers assess students on the progress they are making against the success criteria on the pathways.

There were several reasons why we decided to make this change. First of all, we think that the learning pathways will give students a clearer idea of what they need to achieve at Key Stage 3, in order to be successful at Key Stage 4 in their GCSE exams. However, another reason for changing is because A*-G grades are no longer used at GCSE level and have been replaced by a new 9-1 grading system.

Further details about the above can be found on the Assessment page on our website.


Welcome from Head of Year 10


Welcome back Year 10!

For most of you, the Nevill Campus is no longer a mystery as you have already completed two successful Taster Days here at the end of Summer term. However, I am sure you are keen to get to know it even better and are even more keen to get stuck into your GCSEs!

As we have said before, it may only seem like yesterday since you attended your Taster Day at the Valley Campus but that was over three years ago and now the even more serious work begins.

The challenges you will face will be much more than before, as will the expectations of everyone here at Nevill, but we know you will step up to this challenge as you do with most things. Mrs Holt and I very much look forward to welcoming you back and, as always, we are there to support you along the way. The only thing that has changed is our new office.

Good luck to each and every one of you.

Mr M Gallucci, Head of Year 10


Accelerate learning


All staff returned to work on Friday 1st September eager and enthusiastic about the new school year. On Friday and Monday staff spent time in various training sessions to ensure our young people get the best possible learning opportunities. We looked at how we accelerate learning and developed strategies that will encourage our learners to be; more independent thinkers, have high aspirations and to have a real love of learning. As part of our training sessions, staff spent a lot of time preparing for our Learning for Life curriculum. Learning for Life will be an integral part of every student’s day. Exploring PSHE topics with their tutor will encourage quality conversations about issues that affect us all as citizens, it will be a safe space for our students to understand the challenges young people face as they develop towards adulthood with the support of their tutor. The twice weekly lessons focussing on Literacy will develop reading, language and communication skills for all of our students.

A question many parents and carers have already asked me is: how can I support my child with their literacy at home? I would start with thinking back to when your child or children were at primary school – as parents and carers we spent many an hour listening to them read and signing their reading diary. When they start secondary school this focus at home tends to drift off and we (sometimes) assume that our children will fend for themselves, supported by their English teacher. Firstly, literacy is not just the responsibility of the English teacher. We at Hove Park are all teachers of literacy and must teach key subject vocabulary and how to use it in context. Secondly, I would encourage the focus on literacy to continue at home. This can be done in many ways; ask your child about their learning – what key vocabulary have they learnt that day? What does it mean and where would they use it? Encourage your child to read; books, magazines, newspapers, blogs. If you find an interesting article in the newspaper, share it and discuss. Discuss the books they are reading; why did they choose it? Who are the characters? What has been the plot so far and where do they think it will go? Share books that you enjoyed at your child’s age – bring out the classics!

Much of the focus of staff training this year will be focussed on ensuring the quality of all teaching is no less than great. I look forward to updating you with our progress.

Kind regards,

Michelle Prentice - Deputy Head Teacher


Welcome from Head of Year 9


Welcome back Year 9! I hope you all had a wonderful summer break and are feeling rested and ready for the year ahead. As Year 9’s you are now at the top of the Lower School and, as such, I look forward to seeing you all lead by example as mature and responsible students. It is an exciting time for you as our focus turns quite quickly to the future and you will have to start considering your GCSE options. This year is indeed the foundation year that will set the tone for your studies at the Upper School, so it is vital that you are fully focussed on your studies, working collaboratively with teachers, staff and peers to achieve your absolute best. Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!

Miss E Satterly, Head of Year 9


Hove Park students get the top level grades!


Once again there are many GCSE success stories this year and we are celebrating excellent achievement in a number of subjects.

The results have shown that:

  • - The average grade achieved by all students has improved this year
  • - The percentage of students achieving the English Baccalaureate has improved by 6% and is above the national average
  • - The achievement of students for whom we receive pupil premium funding has improved this year
  • - A number of students were successful in gaining the highest grade (Grade 9) in the new English and maths qualifications

There were improvements in a range of subjects across the curriculum with our results in English, maths and science looking like they will continue to be above the national average.

We were also extremely pleased to see that the achievement of students for whom we receive pupil premium funding has improved this year, with a higher proportion of these students achieving a pass in English and maths and the English Baccalaureate than in previous years.

All our headline figures can be seen below:



Attainment 8


% grades 9-4 in both English & maths


% grades 9-4 in English


% grades 9-4 in maths


% Ebacc


Progress 8*

n/a (see note below)


*Overall outcomes for students are now measured not just on attainment (Attainment 8) but also on their progress in 8 key subjects (Progress 8). The Progress 8 figure is dependent on national data which is not released by the government until later in the year so will not be available until November. At this point a fuller and more accurate picture of school performance will be available.


On cloud nine


We were particularly pleased that a number of our students were successful at the very highest level this year, achieving a Grade 9 in GCSE English and/or GCSE maths.

Grade 9 is awarded to the top 20% of all the students who have been awarded a Grade 7 or Grade 8. Effectively, this means that if a student achieves a Grade 9 their result is at the very top of all the results nationally in that qualification.

Congratulations to the 12 students who achieved Grade 9 this year and well done to Peter Preston who was awarded a Grade 9 in both English and maths.

The Numbers Add Up In Maths

This year we are very pleased with the successful results of students in the new GCSE specification in mathematics. 70% of students achieved a Grade 4 or above which means that their results are above the national average. It also provides the majority of our students with a strong platform for future studies.

Having changed to a new 1-9 grade system we are particularly happy to celebrate the success of a number of students who achieved the top level Grade 9: Charlotte Bardsley, Tallula Crean, Archie Knight, Sara Marolt, Luca Oppes, Elsa Polo-Laube, Peter Preston and Toby Virgo. This is a fantastic achievement as it places these students in the top 3% nationally in mathematics.

Success In New GCSE English Exams

This is the first year of the new challenging English GCSE specification but our students rose to the challenge and succeeded. The English department were very pleased that 76% of students achieved 9-4 in English. This is a 6% increase on last year. There has been a 16% increase in attainment for our disadvantaged students and a 19% increase for our SEN students. A few students also achieved the highest grades possible; a special well done to Saffron Collicott, Freya Johnson, Peter Preston, Rose Howard and Amy Page who all got Grade 9!

Success in Modern Foreign Languages and the English Baccalaureate

Today many students celebrated successful results in their modern foreign language GCSEs. Modern foreign language teaching has been a strength in the school for a while and this year the results improved in all the languages that we teach here – Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Italian. There were also a number of students who achieved A*-C results in other language GCSEs such as Arabic, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

These excellent modern foreign language results have made a significant contribution to our improved outcomes in the English Baccalaureate. To be successful in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) students need to pass GCSEs in English, maths, 2 x sciences, a language and either history or geography. This year 32% of our students achieved the Ebacc, an increase of 6% compared to last year and a figure that is well above the national average.


New qualifications explained


From this year, some GCSE papers in England are being graded numerically on a scale from 9 to 1. At the moment this only applies to GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature and GCSE Maths. However, another 20 subjects will have 9 to 1 grading in 2018, with most others following in 2019.

The content of the new GCSEs is more challenging. The lowest grade is Grade 1 and the highest is Grade 9. However, Grade 9 will be awarded to fewer pupils than A* is currently. This grade is awarded to those students who have the highest results nationally and is designed to give more differentiation at the top end.

For now, the government have set a GCSE pass at Grade 4 and above so Grades 9 to 4 are equivalent to the old A* to C grades. Grade 4 is being called a ‘standard pass’ and a Grade 5 is being called a ‘strong pass’.

More information on the new grading system can be found at the following website:


Welcome from Head of Year 8


Welcome back to you and your child who will be beginning Year 8 today at Hove Park. It only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming your child to Hove Park as a slightly nervous Year 7 student. However now the transition process is over, I will be looking to the new Year 8’s to set a good example to our new Year 7 students this term. I am once again looking forward to continuing to lead the year group as they progress through the school and prepare for the challenges that lay ahead. It has been very rewarding to see our Year 11 students receive a good set of GCSE results over the summer and it is important that we all put the groundwork in now with Year 8 to prepare them for the future. As ever, the Year 8 office will be available for your concerns and queries so please contact us if necessary. However, please do contact your child’s tutor in the first instance. Our tutor team has changed for the year ahead and I know they are keen to work closely with you and your child. Please look out for a communication via email from your child’s tutor over the next few days.

As ever, we at Hove Park School value your support over the course of the academic year and it would be appreciated by all staff that your child is fully stocked with the correct equipment every day and is wearing our uniform proudly. If there are any issues with uniform, a note must be brought from home for my attention. I wish your child every success in the forthcoming year.

Mr M Streeter, Head of Year 8


A-level results


Hove Park School is delighted that so many of our A-level students have deservedly done so well. They have worked hard and their superb accomplishments will enable them to progress into their chosen next steps which range from higher education courses to employment and apprenticeships.

In year 13, the Sixth Form had an excellent overall pass rate of 94% with 28% of grades being awarded as an A*-B. It is alsogreat to see that A-level results overall have a positive Value Added Score meaning that students are performing better than the national average.

This year’s results have maintained our excellent standards.

Individual success stories include:

  • Louise Galvin who achieved A,A,B grades in French, Spanish and Biology. Louise will study Modern Languages at the University of Southampton.
  • Toby Harris, who achieved A,B,B in English, Creative Writing and Politics. Toby will study a film and television course at University of the Arts, London.
  • Richard Chan, who arrived at the school in Year 11 from China and spoke little English, has had fantastic success achieving a B in Maths and a B in Physics. He also achieved a C in Further Maths AS and is going to continue his studies to achieve his third A-level in August 2018.

Headteacher, Jim Roberts, was delighted with the results and praised the hard work of both the students and staff. He said “Once again, these fantastic results show that with hard work and determination you can achieve the very best. The huge successes of our students is thanks to their hard work, the hard work and expertise of the staff and the support of their families. Well done all.”

Hove Park School is also delighted that students across the city have achieved considerable success. We enjoy excellent working relationships with our partner schools and colleges. In particular, we are looking forward to continued collaboration with Blatchington Mill Sixth Form (Blatchsix) to further improve sixth form provision at both schools.


Welcome from Head of Year 11


Welcome back to our new Year 11 cohort. We have a huge year ahead of us in terms of exams, which will be the main focus. We also have to prepare for future education with regards to colleges, sixth forms and apprenticeships. We also have a number of celebratory events to look forward to, such as reward assemblies, trips and prom. I hope this will be a really positive and productive year for our Year 11 cohort and I'm looking forward to leading them through it.

Mr S Frimpon, Head of Year 11

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