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Letter from the head


Dear Parents and Carers,

At the end of what seems like a very long term it is good to reflect and look back on what we have achieved. I take huge pride in reading through the opportunities and experiences the students have been involved in. This year's school production of Hairspray also highlighted the depth of talent we have in the school. At the time of writing some of these students are also preparing to perform at Chichester Festival theatre as part of the National Theatre's Connections 2018.

The Year 11 and Ks5 students have been getting ready for their exams. Further revision sessions are going on during the Easter holidays to support and prepare them for next term.

The snow provided further excitement in March but the students responded with real maturity throughout a difficult week. The summer term is finally here. Longer and brighter days will soon be with us. Thank you for your continued support. Have a restful break.


Whole School Council meeting


Our newly formed School council met for the second time this week. The agenda was put together using items and issues from our digital suggestion box as well as taking feedback from individual Year group council meetings. The agenda discussed is set out below.

Tuesday 27th March at 2.30pm
(Valley campus – library) 


Agenda item




Representative from Caterlink will be attending to address concerns / take feedback


Change of Campus

Opportunity for feedback from students



Gender / diversity – continuation of the discussion started at last meeting. Mr Warwick will be attending to hear discussion and take actions / suggestions forward.


Mental health

Presentation from Mental Health Champions.



Toilets (Nevill)
Bike sheds (Valley)


Academic structure of the school

I have highlighted in a previous Parklife the changes to the academic structure of the school and our move to 6 faculties each led by an assistant head teacher. As part of the next couple of ParkLife editions Heads of Faculty have been asked to share their vision and plans. This month is the turn of our Humantities faculty led by Nic Robinson and our maths faculty led by Hannah Boraster.

The Big Camp - Friday 6th July 2018

I wrote to all parents and carers at the beginning of the year with further information about ‘The Big Camp.’ Anyone wishing to support this event can either donate on our Just Caring page or e-mail Jenna Eastlake ( to be part of the parent/carer contact list that we have started.

Jim Roberts – Head Teacher


Letter from the deputy head teacher


Improving Valley library facilities

A group of students and staff have started to meet to discuss how we can make improvements to the layout, décor and use of the Valley campus library. We had a really productive first meeting with small groups of students working with different members of staff. Mr Compton, Site Manager showed students the dimensions and layout of the library and the possible ways to make the space more flexible in its use, improve furniture and decor. They also looked at improving shelving and creating a small space for Digital Leaders to support students with iPad related issues. Ms Sorensen, Literacy Lead Practitioner worked with students in looking at new books we could buy, newspaper and magazine subscriptions and systems to engage more students in reading and finding the books they will enjoy. Mr Sumner, Digital Lead Practitioner and Mr Stevens, IT manager also worked with a group of students to see how digital solutions can be introduced into a modern library space. The group will be meeting again soon to start more detailed planning of how the students would like their improved library to look – watch this space!

Michelle Prentice – Deputy Head Teacher


News from the Humanities Faculty


Our vision statement

The Humanities Faculty comprises of; Business Studies, Geography, History, Sociology, Travel & Tourism and Philosophy, Religion & Ethics (PRE).

Humanities at Hove Park is all about exploring, questioning and understanding the world. The faculty has an inclusive ethos and we strive to enable students to become thoughtful and well-informed citizens of the future - citizens who will be equipped to tackle 21st century challenges.

Nicholas Robinson – Head of Humanities


Spotlight on PRE – Mr Hunting writes:


Our aim in PRE (Philosophy, Religion and Ethics) is to explore our own and others’ beliefs and values. In Year 7 we have been looking at Judaism. Students made some excellent models and guides to the synagogue and reflected about what anyone, Jewish or not, can take away from the idea of Shabbat, a day of rest from work and technology being present to one another as a family. Year 7 have now moved on to Humanism.

In year 8 we have begun an introduction to Philosophy and we are exploring big questions about what we can know and conducting thought experiments such as whether any one of us could really be a ‘Brain in a Vat’!

Year 9 have been exploring the values of democracy, freedom, rule of law and tolerance, and will be moving on to a philosophical study of The Truman Show.

At KS4, the GCSE Year 10 class is currently doing an in-depth study of Islam and Year 11 are busy revising. Our core PRE studies in year 10 and 11 have been focussed on slavery in society, the environment, and the ethical issues in connection with artificial intelligence.


Outstanding homework for PRE


Samuel Cesario-Mendoza in Y7 handed in this stunning model of a Synagogue recently. Students in PRE have been learning about the Jewish faith and considering the importance of various aspects of the religion to Jewish people. When considering the importance of the Synagoge for Jewish people, students are encouraged to consider the symbolism behind some of the features you can see in Samuel’s model. They have also been encouraged to reflect on their own lives and how things that are important to them (maybe a different religion, football, or a favourite book) are similar and different to Jewish beliefs and practices.

Commenting on the homework, Ms Simpson, Head of Year 7, said: "This is a stunning homework. The work that has gone into it is so impressive. The detail is amazing and the information leaflet is excellent too."

Mr Robinson said: "It is wonderful to see students producing work of this quality. Many teachers in the faculty have seen and been impressed by this homework and we congratulate Samuel on this excellent work"


Year 12 Geography Field Trip – Isle of Wight

Year 12 geographers have just returned from four days on the Isle of Wight doing coastal fieldwork. Students have been investigating a range of coastal environments all around the island and practicing techniques including beach profiling, investigating longshore drift, questionnaires, sediment analysis, and sand dune transects.


I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and work ethic of the students. They braved the cold, wind and rain as well as enjoying some sunshine, and remained focussed and positive throughout the trip. Whether we were hiking up to field-sketch The Needles, measuring pebble size on the beach, or calculating standard deviation in the evening, the students took it in their stride and were polite, helpful and enthusiastic throughout.

A huge well-done to the students and a big thank you to Ms Haynes helping make the trip a success.

Mr Robinson



News from the Maths faculty


Our vision statement

Hove Park School has a new faculty of Maths. To Pupils, Parents and non Maths Staff this may of seemed like nothing has changed, and in part that is true. I’m still at the head of the team, and the structure of the team for the most part has stayed the same. But the new name comes with a new vision:

Mathematics is essential for everyday life and understanding in our world. It is also essential to Science, Technology and engineering, core industries that our country depends on for future economic growth. It is therefore important that every student has the best possible Mathematics education, as the more they succeed in Maths the more options for future careers they will have. Through studying Maths our students become creative problem solvers with the ability to organise and communicate ideas, the skills learnt in Maths are those that are most valued in the world of industry and higher education.

We would like to treat all students as partners in learning and for faculty teachers to work together as a team, to support our students to give them the best possible experience at Hove Park School. Students leadership will be developed with Peer Teaching and Learning being a key focus. We will also be encouraging students and teachers to be independent life long learners who strive to continuously improve mathematically.

We are striving that every student in Maths has an enjoyable experience of learning and that we continue to build on our strong base for many future success.

Hannah Boraster – Head of Maths


Hegarty maths app

Our faculty has always embraced the use of the iPads in the classroom, and are constantly looking at new ways to use them in a dynamic way that will engage and effuse our students with the love of Maths. I’m happy to announce that in September we will be using one of the worlds leading Maths Apps “Hegarty Maths”.

Created by award winning Colin Hegarty (Teacher of the Year 2014), and company, the app will allow students to have access to well-thought out maths explanations with carefully modelled examples, all through exclusive video tutorials. Attached to the video’s are practice questions which self mark, so students will get instant feedback. However, it isn’t just the students who will get the instant feedback their class teacher will as well. At the moment we are just starting to trial the app, ready for September, but please be ready to watch this space.


Further Maths at KS4


On Thursday afternoons after school, a group of year 10 and 11 students meet in a room above the sixth form centre to enjoy the challenges of advanced maths problems. This voluntary club is for students who enjoy maths and who want to take the subject further than the normal maths GCSE will allow. The club can lead to an extra qualification, the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics, although the choice of whether or not to sit the actual exam is left to each student, as the main object of the club is for students to experience some more advanced topics. This is not only interesting in its own right, but is an excellent introduction to some of the material that students will meet in the first year of a Mathematics A Level (and in at least one case, in a Further Mathematics A Level). An extra Mathematics qualification is also very useful when applying to Sixth Form Centres!

The team having been working hard this year and we have a core group intending to take the exam in the summer. The Maths Faculty are wishing these students all the best with this, and know that they will do amazingly due to all their hard work. I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers who support this group; Mr Edmond, Mr Philips and Mr Calver, as without them none of this would be possible.


UKMT Junior Maths Challenge


On the 26th April, some of our best Y8 and Y7 students will be participating in the National Junior Maths Challenge. This is a competition that we have participated in for many years and have had great success with. This is a national award, which can led to students in competition against some of the best in the country. Here is hoping that we get another sucessful year.


BiOrbAIR is up and running!


The terrarium has been successfully setup by a team of year eight students. The group carefully put the unit together and got their hands dirty planting a range of tropical plants. A couple of beetles became the first inhabitants as they were found in amongst the live moss. Next stage of the project is to add more décor such as rocks and twigs and allow for the plants to settle in to their new home. The terrarium has been getting a lot of attention within lessons with students fascinated by this little slice of the tropical world.


Hairspray is a Big Bouncy Bouffant of a Hit Show


Bright, colourful, energetic and uplifting was the Hove Park’s production of Hairspray. Full of upbeat, catchy songs, jaw-dropping dance moves and a wardrobe of vibrant costumes, make it a real stage spectacular which made you want to get up and out of your seat and dance along.

Jim Roberts, Headteacher said: “The students have put on absolutely fantastic show. An amazing performance which delivered the serious message of integration and understanding whilst remaining upbeat and full of joy. Well done to all involved - cast, crew and technicians. I felt like I'd had a night in the West End!”

The show is set in Baltimore in 1962 where, against the odds, overweight teenager Tracy Turnblad lands a role dancing on her favourite TV programme, The Corny Collins Show. She uses her new-found fame to fight for integration of black and white dancers on the show, putting her own future at risk for what she believes in.

Helen Davies, Chair of Governors said: "Wow! What a fabulous evening. So many talented young people, who had obviously put in many hours of rehearsals. And such dedication from the staff who were behind it all. It was so uplifting."

The production, directed by Drama Teacher, Ms Chloe Holt, was tightly polished, with brilliantly-slick choreographed numbers. There are also plenty of outstanding individual performances too.

Daisy Seaborne is a natural Tracy Turnblad. There’s a sparkling quality to her performance. Cate Bailey is wondrously villainous as Velma Von Tussle, producer of The Corny Collins Show, who will go to any lengths possible to see her daughter Amber (the vivacious Ruby Cooper) succeed.

Mya Dorman’s vocals are powerful and her performance is strong and sassy as Motormouth Maybelle who is the owner of the downtown record store and host of Negro Day. Alfie Jukes brings just the right mix of confidence, hesitancy and stereotypical jock to the part of Link.

Francesca Gibbs is outstanding in the comic yet touching role of Penny Lou Pingleton. Safwan Elaattaoui's energy and sharp wit brings the hip and hop together playing Seaweed J. Stubbs.

There are some brilliantly comic moments courtesy of Alex Scott who plays Wilbur Turnblad, Tracy’s father, and Alfie Martin as her mother Edna (the part is traditionally played by a man in drag).

The chorus vocals provide the pizazz and drive that really bring out the feel of the 60’s.

Mai Bolingbroke

Year 10


Active Sussex


On Friday 23rd March some of the Hove Park Sports Leaders supported Active Sussex at the Sussex Primary Schools X country championships at Waterhall.

The leaders helped to set up and Marshall the course, supporting the young athletes and ensuring their safety and enjoyment throughout the event.
They received numerous comments from parents, staff and organisers to say how fantastic and supportive they were and a real credit to the school. Well done to Sainabou, Alisa, Kirsten, Rhiannon, Hollie, Alma, Kaysha, Circe, Lottie, Brooke, Millie O, Greta and Ellie O.


Hove Park School supports Autism Awareness Week


There are approximately 500 students with autism in Brighton and Hove schools. That’s equivalent to 15 tutor groups or one and a half year groups!Sometimes people with autism get overloaded with everything going on around them – this can be described as ‘too much information’. Understanding and relating to other people, and taking part in everyday family, school, work and social life, can be even harder.

This week students and staff have taken part in a range of activities, organised by the Phoenix Centre team, to help raise money for Autism Awareness.

On Tuesday, at Valley Campus, we welcomed three dog handlers from Tyler Security in to school to support and help raise awareness by providing KS3 students with a security dog demonstration. Students from Y7, Y8 and Y9 were given a talk about Autism Awareness, followed by an interactive presentation delivered by the visitors and their dogs. Students had fun recreating ‘lifelike’ situations for the dogs in the Valley hall; not an easy task as their work involves ensuring facilities, like football stadiums and concerts, are free from explosives and drugs to secure a safe environment for supporters and the public!

On Wednesday staff and students baked and sold cakes at both sites with representatives from local charities who came in to support. All week long Phoenix staff and students have been selling ribbons and homemade magnets (made by Paige Brundle in Y9), promoting competitions around the school and to round off a really eventful week, Mr Pollard returned for a charity leg wax with all tickets sales going to Autism Awareness.


The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde


Hove Park students were invited by Sussex University's Widening Participation team to a production of ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde’. The musical was performed and directed by current Sussex University students, who are members of the Sussex Musical Theatre Society.

The event, which was attended by four other schools in Sussex, included a tour of the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, as well as some English and drama activities and a chance to find out more about student life at Sussex.

Mia Hollis, Year 10 said: "We had an fantastic day at Sussex University.The musical was superb and we were amazed at how good the performances were especially Dr Jekyll who convincingly transformed into Mr Hyde before our very eyes. We are studying the novel next year so this introduction to the text is really beneficial!"

The picture above is of Hove Park students who attended behind the star of the show Dr Henry Jekyll played by final year Physics student George Martin Marino.


Spanish immersion day


On Wednesday 21st March, 17 year 7s took part in a Spanish immersion day. They had a Spanish buddy the same age from Santander in the north of Spain, that went to lessons with them and then spent two lessons exchanging language and ideas on the topics of school and their town. Students learnt lots of language from each other and made good friends with their Spanish buddies. The pupils from Santander really enjoyed the experience and the students involved were excellent ambassadors for the school.


PE round-up


This month Hove Park's PE teams have had some outstanding results. Our year 11 boys had a comfortable County Cup Semifinal v Bedes our under 14 girls football team were worthy winners and our Year 7 competed in the English Schools Football Association 5 aside Tournament to name but a few. To read all our PE news follow this link.


Sport Relief 2018


This year at Hove Park another full week of Sports Relief lessons went ahead.

At the start of each lesson students were presented with this year’s Sports Relief targets and how the money raised would be spent. This year’s Sports Relief video showed how every donation helps change young adults lives for the better.

This year students were taught two alternate sports in Street Surfing and Kinball.

With very few students having any experience in these sports it gave everyone the opportunity to learn and discover new sports together, whilst all having huge amounts of fun.

Street Surfing proved extremely popular, in essence it is a two wheeled skateboard that demands perfect balance. It was fantastic to see all the Hove Park students try this very challenging sport and to see so many giving it a go.

Kinball is a huge blow up ball, the aim of the game is for teams to hit the ball into the air and for the ball to contact the ground without any another team catching it. It was also a huge hit, with lots of new tactics and strategies that our students had to learn and develop to succeed.

Street Surfing was so popular that a special one off Sports Relief after school club was attended by many students and staff, on Thursday 22nd March, raising further funds.

On Friday 23rd March there was a BIG Sports Relief raffle where every student was entered. Many parents, carers and staff had kindly donated prizes to the raffle, with the star prizes being donated by McDonalds, Nanados and Dominos.

The week was a huge success, we would like to thank all the students for their commitments and many for their very generous donations. We would also like to thank those who gave prizes to the raffle. This year we raised an amazing £349.76 beating last year’s total of £226.


Students perform at Chichester Festival Theatre


Year 10 & 11 students performed When They Go Low by Natalie Mitchell at Chichester Festival Theatre this month as part of National Theatre Connections - a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people.

When They Go Low is one of 10 brand new plays written especially for Connections by a selection of the best playwriting talent in the UK.

Social media is in a frenzy over pictures of Sarah at a party on the weekend – no one knows quite what she got up to. When Miss Reef lectures the girls on taking more responsibility for their actions, Louise becomes enraged that the boys who took the pictures aren’t made accountable too. She wages war on the misogyny but when she threatens school stalwart Scott and his claim to the School Captain title, things get very nasty. A website appears, rating the girls on their appearance and shaming them for their actions.

When They Go Low is about everyday feminism and the changing face of teenage sexuality in an online world. When they go low, we go high.

Natalie Mitchell – Why I Wrote this Play:

When They Go Low was inspired by the true story of a group of teenage girls in Manchester who attempted to set up a feminist society at their school, and the backlash they experienced. The play asks questions about why the ‘F’ word is so inflammatory, how misogyny has become normalised, and why equality might feel emasculating to some people, without necessarily finding the answers.’

National Theatre Connections is one of the UK’s largest celebrations of youth theatre. Plays are commissioned for and about young people, from some of the best contemporary playwrights, and performed by schools and youth theatres all over the UK and Ireland.

In 2018, National Theatre Connections is working with up to 270 youth theatres and schools to stage 10 newly commissioned plays, adding to the 160 + plays the National Theatre have commissioned for young people since 1995. All the companies will transfer their production to one of 28 Connections Partner Theatres across the UK.

Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre, said:

‘Connections is at the heart of the National Theatre's work for young people and one of the most exciting and important projects we do. We think it's vital that young people, wherever they are in the country and whatever their future path, have a chance to get involved in theatre.’

Chloe Holt, director said “the issues in this play are so important in terms of equality; not only showing the need for feminism; but also outlining how important equality is for both sexes. We (Daniel Riley, co- director; and I) couldn’t be prouder of the students for the way they’ve approached the subject matter, they are all assets to our school”


Poverty Proofing


On Friday 16th March student researchers led the first day of our Poverty Audit in sixth form. Year 9 and sixth form student researchers interviewed both Year 12 and Year 13 students on their experiences of school and sixth form. The purpose of the Poverty Audit is to identify areas that we are doing well as a school and to identify areas that could be improved to ensure that financial income doesn't disadvantage student's overall school experience. Thank you to all parents/carers who took the time to complete the questionnaire that was sent out by the lead researcher Sam Beal. There will be another opportunity to do this when the rest of the audit is completed in July. We have also began to tackle poverty through two main areas food and periods. We have signed up to the FareShare scheme where local supermarkets provide food such as bread so that we can make sure students who need it receive breakfast or snacks. If you feel your child should receive food during the school day please contact the Assistant Head of Year who will discreetly make this available to them. However, this food is not guaranteed as it relies on surplus stock from Tesco's our current supplier. Another area we are working on is to tackle period poverty. We are aware that in this country thousands of girls miss school every year due to not having adequate sanitary protection. We want to ensure this doesn't happen in our school. Therefore, every office in the school has a little red box that girls just have to ask to see and can help themselves to any products they need. If you have any ideas on other ways we can address poverty as a school please e-mail Mrs Mellor with your suggestions.


British Science Week - Day of Birds


Last week was British Science Week and to celebrate this event, Hove Park Science Department organised a ‘Day of Birds’. We invited year 5 and 6 children from West Blatchington, Hangleton and St Bartholomews primary schools to join us, along with 60 year 7’s, Phoenix Centre students and curious Hove Park teachers! They enjoyed finding out about the super powers of birds of prey. East Sussex Falconry brought in some owls, a vulture, a hawk and a peregrine falcon and gave some great talks about these amazing creatures. There were also lots of activities such as dissecting owl pellets to find out what they had been eating, nest building, looking at different beaks and their functions and examining feathers. Year 7, 8 and 9 peer tutors did a great job helping out on the day and engaging with the younger visitors.

Here are a few comments from year 7 students:

“I didn’t know that owls’ ears are not symmetrical. They are diagonal” - Aaron Crayton

“I found out that the vulture eats poison and then poos it out but it is so sad that that there are only about a dozen left in the wild” - Howie Jevons

“I really liked seeing the owls and different birds. Also found out some new facts about them” - Millie Wales

“My favourite was the long eared owl because it was so pretty and small and had bright orange eyes” - Kaitlin Marchant


Mandarin Excellence Programme students to take their first external exam


This April, Hove Park students participating in our MEP (Mandarin Excellence Programme) will be sitting their first external exam. Funded by the Chinese Confucius Institute the exam consists of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, and may be used to compare other MEP schools worldwide. There is no doubt that this will be very challenging and competitive.

The Hove Park MEP students are excited about the upcoming challenge and are actively preparing for the exam by studying Chinese in class and voluntarily attending Chinese clubs. They are also looking forward to our annual China trip, taking place in the summer of 2019. Students can’t wait for the two-week learning residential in China.


Student success - Roberta's flying world!


My name is Roberta and I am currently studying A levels at Hove Park 6th Form. In the future I am hoping to train as an airline pilot as it my dream job and I have a big passion for flying.

Flying has always been a big part of my life as my Dad is a Commercial Airline Pilot, my Mum used to be cabin crew, and my Grandad used to be in the RAF, so I guess I’ve always been exposed to a different side of flying and it sounds amazing to me. I love the idea of a day at the office being more than a day and thousands of feet in the air.

Outside of college I attend the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and hold the rank of Corporal. I recently got the chance to go flying at RAF Benson. I’ve been flying a few times already and it’s never dull. I still remember my first flight in a Grob Tutor. It was at MOD Boscombe Down and I was incredibly nervous sitting there waiting to be taken to the plane, however I had the best time and as soon as I got up in the air I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. As my mum said to me, I’d caught the ‘flying bug’: that there is no other job I can see myself doing.

On Friday 16th March, I arrived at RAF Benson with the rest of the cadets who also had the chance to go flying that day, we got kitted up with flight suits and gloves. We were then shown the safety brief. After what seemed like forever I was taken to the waiting room where I got given a helmet and a parachute. I was led out to the aircraft and met my pilot who was so lovely. We took off and as soon as we were in the air I got the chance to take over the controls of the plane, I absolutely love having control and I also got the chance to speak to air traffic control over the radio which I’m not as keen on. We just flew around for a bit and then I had the chance to take control whilst performing a ‘wing over’ which is a type of aerobatic manoeuvre, it was terrifying in a good way, I had butterflies in my stomach but I had a massive grin on my face and I absolutely loved it. Then the pilot took back the controls and we did a ‘barrel roll’ which I also thoroughly enjoyed. I spent a total of 44 minutes in the air but I enjoyed it so much it only felt like 5 minutes. As they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ and I hope to go flying again soon.


Digital Leaders into Learning for life


This month saw the launch of Digital Leaders into Learning for life. Before Damian Hinds (Secretary of State for Education) announced the need to prepare students for a "high proportion of jobs that require digital skills" we were already hard at work recruiting Digital Leaders from Year 7,8 & 9 to pass on these skills to our student body. It would be fair to say back then we didn't quite know how we were going to do it. We knew that it was good thing our Digital leaders were developing their skills and preparing them. But we recognised that we could go one better and that it would be a whole different ball game if we could get them doing the coaching of these skills to their peers.

Following the recruitment process in December and January we now have 34 Digital Leaders. When we started our Digital Leader workshop back in January we had 5 students. We now have a very large class full, all sharing a common interest in anything digital, working together and making friends across year groups. We recognise the varied skills our DL’s already possess and aim to kit them out with new ones. The skills these students will learn are of course largely transferable. Getting them to transfer these skills to others across the school is something we aim to make sustainable going forward with our new Year 7 in September.

We decided that the best way to do this would be for our Digital Leaders to go into Learning for Life lessons. Learning for life is delivered through the use of iTunes U a file sharing platform where students are pointed to a range of resources to guide their learning in literacy and PSHE. Our Digital Leaders focused on the skills needed to create a Quizlet or Kahoot on the "fortnightly five" key word definitions. It was possible yesterday that more Implicit teaching and learning was taking place yesterday than ever before.

"They gave clear instructions with scaffolded modelling. Furthermore, they confidently identified and assisted the students who needed more help (including myself!). They are more than welcome to come back to 7S anytime" - Mr Rafferty

"Big-Up to Maddie, Bella and Venus who were awesome with 7E. They did really well and are welcome back any time!" - Mr Himsworth

So it seems they are welcome back anytime, and this is great because next week it's happening again.


World Book Day celebrations


Despite World Book Day being postponed for a week due to the 'Beast From The East', Hove Park celebrated books in a number of ways this month for World Book Day. Tutor groups were asked to select their favourite book and then decorate their door to reflect this. A ‘Book Buffet’ event was held in Valley library at lunch time. 36 students in years 7,8 and 9 chatted about books that have made an impression on them whilst sharing lunch. Each student in years 7-9 was given a WBD £1 token and were able to exchange it for one of the special WBD books in the library or at their local book shop. Other activities included a ‘Match the Selfie to the Shelfie’ competition, a ‘Book in a Jar’ competition and book related quizzes. Prizes were awarded to winning entries.


Just 15


Well done to the 825 Attendance Hero's who attended all 15 days in February as part of the Just 15 initiative. We held special celebration assemblies over the last few weeks of term where 15 winners per year group were randomly selected to win a star prize. There was a great deal of excitement in the hall as students patted their hands on their legs creating a drum roll as the 15 winners were picked out of the hat. Prizes for winners included laptops, a go pro camera, wireless headphones and love to shop vouchers. We reminded students the importance of regular attendance and that the minimum expectation is 95%. If a student attends only 90% of the time they will miss half a school year of learning during their time with us, which will significantly affect their progress. We plan to reward all students next term who have over 95% attendance and Year teams will also be setting targets with rewards attached for individual students who need to improve their attendance or punctuality.


Sixth form Update


Exams are just around the corner for second year A-level students and also for our GCSE retake students. The Easter holiday provides an excellent opportunity for students to perfect their revision schedule and gradually start to increase their revision ready for the run in to the final exams. Lessons will continue for all students right up until their exams and it is expected that students will continue to attend lessons until their final exam in the subject is done. This will give them the benefit of expert advice from our teaching staff as well as focused revision sessions right up until the day of the exam.

Please note that students who study all subjects at Hove Park will finish at 12:50pm on Thursday 29th March and return on Thursday 12th April. However if students study any subject at Blatch 6 then please be aware that Blatch 6 finish at 3pm on Thursday 29th March and do not return until Monday 16th April.

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What's On 

Thurs 12th April - First Day of Summer Term

Fri 13th April - Macbeth Performances

Mon 16th - 20th April - Spanish Immersion Students

Mon 16th - 20th April - Internal Exams - Y7

Mon 16th - 25th April - Art GCSE exams

Thurs 26th - 30th April - Art AS & A level exams

Thurs 26th April - Y10 Parent/Carer Subject Teacher Consultation Evening

Thurs 3rd May - Prize Giving Evening



Wellbeing Market Place

On the 18th of April 2018, 6-8pm, we will be hosting an evening for parents to discover services and support. There will also be talks on helpful topics for your child. The event will be at Hove Park's Nevill Campus, Nevill Road, BN3 7BN.

Find out more here >

Easter Holiday Revision Programme 2018

We are running an extensive programme of revision lessons for Year 11 and HP6 students over the course of the Easter holiday. Copies of the programmes can be downloaded here for Year 11 and here for HP6.

Find out more here >

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