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Letter from the head


Dear parents and carers,

Happy New Year!

I hope you all found time for some rest and relaxation over the holiday.

The term has started very positively with lots going on and exciting plans for the future.

I have highlighted in a previous Parklife the changes to the academic structure of the school and our move to 6 faculties each led by an assistant head teacher. As part of the next 3 ParkLife editions I have asked each Head of Faculty to share their vision and plans for their faculty. This month is written by James Sandford and showcases the work of the Languages faculty.

We finally confirmed the plans to re-build the Nevill campus canteen at the beginning of the year. The work will be done over the summer ready for use in September.

Below I have highlighted a number of events and dates that we have coming up over the next few months. As ever it’s great to see the variety of activities and opportunities that students are involved in.


School council


Our first whole school council meeting will take place later this month. The agenda is being put together by our Senior Students and the meeting chaired by our Head Girl, Jasmine Otene-Henworth, and Head Boy, Stanley Scott.

Wednesday 31st January 2018 2.30pm – 4pm


School production


Performances are calendared for the 27th and 28th February – tickets are on sale now !!


Awards evening - Thursday 3rd May 2018


You will remember the last Prize Giving was cancelled due to the tragic accident on our Valley campus last year on the day of the event. We have a new venue for this year and a confirmed date.

The Big Camp – Friday 6th July 2018

I wrote to all parents and carers at the beginning of the year with further information about ‘The Big Camp.’ Anyone wishing to support this event can either donate on our You Caring page or e-mail Jenna Eastlake ( to be part of the parent/carer contact list that we have started.


Best wishes, Jim Roberts
Head Teacher, Hove Park School




News from languages faculty


Our vision statement

If young people are to grow up outward-looking, they must be given the opportunity to leave their country and gain the mind-opening perspectives offered by foreign travel. Flourishing trade needs cultural imagination as much as it needs technical skills, and it needs the ability to communicate effectively across cultural groups as much as it needs basic literacy.

James Sandford – Head of Languages


Spanish scholarships for Hove Park students


In May 2018, Hove Park will be sending 5 students with 5 from Longhill School, on a student exchange to Granada in Spain. These 5 places are all fully sponsored scholarships offered by UK High School Immersion. A number of these children have never been abroad so this experience will be invaluable to them and hopefully a positive experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is also a great opportunity for the students of 2 different schools to mix and get to know each other.

They will stay with host families in Granada and will also attend a secondary school in Granada where they will be buddied up with a student and will follow the timetable of that student throughout their stay. They will experience life as a Spanish teenager as well as getting to know the customs and way of life in Granada.The families will make them feel part of the family and will play a key role in making this a great experience. A programme has also been put in place for activities outside of school which include a tour of the city and visiting some of the places of interest such as the Science Museum of Granada.

Alex Bryant, CEO of UKHSI was present at the launch meeting for the students:

“It is a delight to see the potential here for students to not only improve their language skills, but to fully integrate into home life and absorb all the culture they can!


Ryan Sutton - My life studying languages at university post Hove Park


There is no doubt that moving your life from the home comforts in Brighton, to Nottingham is an interesting transition. Not just as a student, but as a young man. Studying German under the mentorship of the likes of Frau Gibb and Herr Sandford prepared me the way no other teachers could possibly do. The dedication required to teach languages is unparalleled in my opinion. I even teach German on a one to one basis now. Having studied Creative Writing and History at the same time, I appreciate what the above subjects offered however, my urge to speak in another code and learn the diverse aspects of a language really encouraged me to apply for the course at Nottingham Trent.

Every step in education is a challenge. I built friendships at Hove Park that I left behind, stories that seem a lifetime ago continue to make me smile. It’s important to remember that each stage presents various benefits. I live in a great house of eight, two of whom come from Brighton and the other five from different parts of the country, with different life experiences but all in the same boat. It’s the perfect mixture; I’m combining home with people that I would consider lifelong friends. My main concern was maintaining friendships I built at home. Year by year, we have strengthened our bonds (mostly from Hove Park) and travel around the country to visit one another. Whether it’s East Anglia, Bristol or London, there is no distance too far.

This ties in suitably with my studies. I intend on studying abroad during my time at Nottingham Trent and I know my friends and look forward to visiting me in Germany. The world is so accessible and contact is hard to lose when the effort is applied. Most importantly, university is about you. My continued studies in the languages field was the best decision I made. The depth and the sense of achievement is incredible.


Stronger links in languages


Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. The Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) is a nationwide intensive language programme and HPS is one of the few schools in Sussex, at the forefront of delivering this ground breaking programme. The programme has opened up a world of opportunity for those students who have taken part this year and they certainly get a head start in their pathway towards language mastery. HPS will be delivering this programme for our future Year 7 students who wish to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and we are already embarking on a set of roadshows around local primary schools to show what sort of activities and topics are covered on the course.

One of our students, Leila said of the MEP, “I learn a lot more in the most fun way possible.”

“Chinese is such an amazing language and it’s logical. All the teachers are supportive,” said Nancy.

This is part of an ongoing commitment to Chinese and a focus on the world’s main languages for business as recognised by The British Council, the CBI and other organisations. 2017 saw another set of high profile trips to China and to Germany as well as HPS welcoming over 90 students from Europe and Asia into the school to mix with students and help foster our global commitment to cultural understanding.

James Sandford – Head of Languages


Junior Snailway campaign


You may remember the snowdogs that filled the city of Brighton and Hove in Autumn 2016. Snowdogs by the Sea was a fantastic public art trail run by Wild in Art that not only got everyone walking about searching for giant decorated snowdogs, but raised a staggering £337,000 for the Martlets Hospice. Well the good news is that Autumn 2018 will see it all happen again, with snails!!

You may have noticed a giant shelled gastropod taking up residency in Valley reception last week. Hove Park School’s art teacher Miss Griffin, who painted Bobby the snowdog, was selected as one of the 3 artists to kick start this event and spent all of September and December painting a giant snail. Her snail represents all 4 seasons, from spring and summer flowers, autumnal fungi and migrating birds to a fox sitting in the snow. The snail is named Felicity after her late mother which means ‘happiness’.

Students from Valley Campus posed with the giant snail and were published in Brighton’s Argus to promote the Junior Snailway campaign. School and youth groups from all over Brighton and Hove will be invited to take part in the trail this autumn. All they need is to commit to fund raising £750 to help the valuable work at the Martlets hospice and some creative design skills!

Hove Park are thrilled to be taking part this year. The Art Department are launching a competition in February to design HPS mini snail. Students on the Valley campus will be able to pick up a template from their tutor and there will be a collection box for designs in Valley reception. Be creative and imaginative and be more snail – take your time to get the design right! There will be 8 snail designs selected – those artists will get to paint the snail and one winning design will be carefully chosen by Mr Roberts and Ms Prentice. The deadline for getting your designs in is Monday 23rd April, winners to be announced in May!

The Martlets cares for people living through a terminal illness in and around the Brighton and Hove, East Sussex. They provide essential NHS care for terminally ill patients and their families. Everyone can get involved in fund raising, we want to hear your best ideas!


There are only 15 school days in February...


Happy New Year from the Attendance team! We are hoping that this year will see our whole school attendance figure rise to 95%. To support this we have decided to launch an initiative called Just 15 to remind students the importance of being in school, every day and on time. There are just 15 school days in February so if a student attends school on all of those days they will be entered into a prize draw to win 15 star prizes ranging from a bike to a laptop. Please encourage your child to attend every day and they may well win a star prize but if not they will win an excellent education!


21st Century Skills / Employability Skills / Future Skills / Soft Skills


We are going to begin tracking, celebrating and enhancing provision of skills that our students will need in addition to their academic successes at Hove Park. These are often referred to as 21st century or ‘soft’ skills and are seen as equally (if not more) important than academic qualifications by some employers.

If you would like a say in the skills that we focus on and how these skills fit into what we offer at Hove Park, then please get in touch. You can either send your thoughts by e-mail or join Mr Robinson for a focus group at 4pm on Wednesday 21st February. E-mail Mr Robinson for more information:


Battle of the bands


Starting January 2018, Hove Park will be hosting its very own Battle of the Bands competition.

  • - Get into groups of 2-6
  • - In July you will perform 2 covers and 1 of your own songs
  • - Priority access to practice rooms at break and lunchtimes to practice
  • - Prize is a brand new electric guitar kit
  • - Open to Year 7, 8 and 9

Interested? Email Ms Ede at with your band name and members – this is first come, first served – first 5 band entries will qualify.


February school production - Hairspray


Join us in Baltimore for this year's school production, the sensational Broadway smash hit musical Hairspray! Showing on the 27th & 28th February at our Nevill Campus, Hairspray is full of toe tapping classics such as “Good Morning Baltimore”, “Without Love” and “You Can’t Stop The Beat” - there's something for everyone. Come on down to Hove Park for this high energy, hugely loveable production brought to you by our exceptionally talented cast of students from year 7 to Sixth Form; they truly are the “Nicest Kids in Town” Tickets are limited so Buy Tickets Here!


Xavier Glineur raised a massive £1035.18


TheWinterCity© is an event Xavier does every Christmas. It’s a Christmas model village scene with houses and a train circuit that were passed down from his Grandfather who used to do a smaller version on his mantelpiece until he passed away in 2010. Visitors can explore a number of activities that are fun for all the family including a raffle, lucky dip and memory tree. TheWinterCity© started when Xavier was 8 years old and it’s now in it’s 6th year. It puts smiles on peoples faces both young and old. For 2017 Diabetes UK is Xavier’s chosen charity because he would like to help find a cure for Diabetes as he has two family members and a friend who have Diabetes.

“I love doing TheWinterCity© because I love seeing smiles on peoples faces and I know all my hard work goes to a very good cause.”



PE round-up


Hove Park's PE teams have hugely successful again this month. The Year 7 won a famous Derby in dramatic style, our KS3 badminton players had some great tournament results and our Year 8 beat rivals Blathcington Mill 2-1 to name but a few.  To read all our PE news follow this link.


Diversity project at Iford and Kingston primary school


This month 16 of our Y10, Y9 and newly trained Year 8 Peer Tutors took on a very exciting assignment! They went to Iford & Kingston Primary School, near Lewes. They were celebrating the diversity of cultures that we have here at Hove Park School giving presentations on Islamic Festivals, Hungarian traditional customs and Greek village life. The students were amazing! Quickly assuming the role of student leaders they soon were loving the relationships that were being forged between them and the Year 3’s. They also went out at playtime and lunch time and played games with the pupils and were chased around the playground – a tradition that was set by Will Kennett (Y11) when he went there for the first Diversity Project there 2 years ago! We will be returning to their school in 3 weeks’ time to see how they have got on with their topic on ‘Who Do You Think You Are’. The teacher in Year 3 was hoping to include some of the work they did on that day and include it in their topic books. A fantastic collaboration thoroughly enjoyed by all. Huge well done to Hove Park Peer Tutors!

Head Teacher at Iford and Kingston said:

It sounds like the day was a real success. Our pupils really enjoyed it and both Shona and Karen, my Deputy, were really impressed with how confident and articulate the students were and it really gave us a great launch pad for the work on Who Do You Think You Are?


Hangleton Primary - Peer Tutors on tour!


Every Friday a group of 16 Year 9 Peer Tutors go to Hangleton Primary to work with Year 5 students for the morning. They are well established in the school now and have made such a superb impression while they are there! Some comments from the Y5 pupils there:

‘Hove Park students have been amazing at helping me because they look through your book and show you what you’ve done, wrong or right.’

‘I like the Hove Park mentors because they make me confident on Maths that I wasn’t confident on.’

It’s such a fantastic collaboration between the schools and our Peer Tutors gain so much from the experience!

Mrs Hunt


Year 9 ICONIC / ICON project


ICONIC / ICON is an exciting project taught to Year 9 in which students are encouraged to look at contemporary iconic imagery and popular culture. We explore how artists such as Andy Warhol made being famous into an art form and we look even further back to discover how religious icons were identified by the ornate addition of a halo in paintings and frescoes. We then zoom forward to looking at the contemporary art work of Shepard Fairey and borrow his style and technique to generate ideas and produce our own paintings of those people who the Year 9 students choose as their Icons. We combine the religious halo with modern geometric circular designs, generated on the iPad to then 'iconise' their chosen figures.


International visitors impressed with Hove Park's innovation in digital technology learning


On 6th October, a group of 20 teachers and school leaders visited Hove Park School to work with staff and Digital Leaders to develop their own digital fluency and the impact this has on their students. The visitors took part in a variety of activities, including lesson observations being taught by Mr Whiteman and working with Digital Leaders.

Our student Digital Leaders were incredibly impressive and wowed our visitors with their technical skills, knowledge and communication skills. These events are incredibly important for our students to participate in because they give them experience of learning and developing learning, confidence and skills outside the classroom.

Further to this, our Digital Leaders and some other students will be taking part in Digital Day on 14th November. The aim of the day is two-part; firstly, to give our students a real experience of what working in the digital industry is like (we will be working with a Brighton based digital marketing agency) and, secondly, to take part in a national competion against schools across the country, using the skills they have learnt during the earlier part of the day.

Watch their progress at @HoveParkDeputy


Chinese New Year and Pancake Day


Our canteen will be featuring two special days during February, Pancake Day (13th) & Chinese New Year (16th).

Pancake Day - 13th February 

Who doesn’t love pancake day? We certainly do! To celebrate we will have a variety of sweet and savoury toppers such as lemon and sugar, fruits, honey, cheese and tomato, creamy mushrooms and many more that pupils may not have tried before.

Chinese New Year - 16th February

This year Chinese New Year falls on Friday 16th February so we will be celebrating with an array of Asian inspired dishes. Chinese New Year aka the Spring Festival in modern China, will introduce traditional and non traditional food and recipes to pupils. Some of which will include: an array of noodles and fragrant flavoured rice dishes, an abundance of sweet and sour flavours and other regional dishes.


Brighton Science Festival at Hove Park on 10th / 11th February


Brighton Science festival’s flagship event lands at Hove Park for a whole weekend (10th-11th Feb) of hands-on science fun, with an exciting array of activities for children and their parents.

There will be over 50 stalls, stands and shows across the two days, with presenters and science communicators on hand to help you get involved and explain the hard bits.

Even if you’ve been in the past it’s definitely worth coming back this year as there’s more new stuff than ever before. We’ve got ultrasound objects made of thin air, robots that react to light and telescopes that let you look at the sun. You’ll see earthworms and snakes, handle kitchen chemicals and hear scientific poetry. You’ll build brains, train snails and make Minecraft mods. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realise you’re learning.


Uniform update


Following on from the comments we received from parents, carers and students last summer, we as a school are moving forward with regards to ‘plain black tailored shorts’ being an additional uniform item for the summer months. The aim is for students to have the option to purchase the school shorts from the school uniform suppliers ‘Kahlsa’ for the summer term only. More information to follow soon via the school website, which will show an image and will invite your views and whether or not you would be interested in purchasing this item.

Joe Brooking

Senior Assistant Head Teacher

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What's On 

Feb 6th - Y11 GCSE Drama Theatre Trip

Feb 8th - Y11 Parent/Carer Subject Teacher Consultation Evening

Feb 6th - Y11 GCSE Drama Theatre Trip

Feb 9th - 17th - Ski Trip

Feb 10th - 11th - Brighton Science festival at Hove Park

Feb 12th - 16th - Spring Half Term Holiday

Feb 12th - 16th - Spring Half Term Holiday

Feb 20th - Y9 Vaccinations

Feb 27th - 28th - School Show - Hairspray

March 1st - Y9 Parent/Carer Subject Teacher Consultation Evening




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