Aiming Higher.

Growth Mindset

In order for our HPA (high prior attaining) students to excel above and beyond they must demonstrate a growth mindset throughout their learning. A ‘growth mindset’ is an attitude that develops resilience, grit and determination, all the attributes that result in the best academic performance.

In order to develop a ‘growth mindset’ students must be exposed to consistent language used by staff and parent/carers. We must ensure that we use the correct language when discussing the student’s progress;

Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset

“Keep working on the tasks your good at, you’re really smart”

“Try learn something new, take risks with your learning and always put in 100% effort”

“Its fine the way it is, no need to change anything”

“What else could you improve?”

“That will take too much time to complete, is it worth it?”

“Why not try another strategy, mistakes help you learn”

“That work looks dull, complete something more interesting”

“I recognise this is your weakness, do anything you can to fix the problem”

“Your peers found this easier so they must be smarter”

“I wonder how your peers did it, try use a similar strategy”

Students that demonstrate a fixed mindset tend to believe skill, intellect and talent is set and unchangeable. They often use language like “I am not clever at…”, “my brother was always better at…”. In reality students need to invest more time and effort on the areas they find difficult. If they use the tools provided by Hove Park they will soon believe that skill, intellect and talent can be developed through practice and perseverance.