Aiming Higher.

How teachers cater for HPA (High Prior Attaining) students

We recognise at Hove Park School that the students that arrive in year 7 having excelled in Mathematics and English need to be challenged on a daily basis in all subjects. Students will be identified immediately as a ‘high prior attaining’ student so that teachers can stretch their learning from the beginning of year 7 until the end of either KS4 or KS5 should they continue to study at HP6.

During lessons, HPA students will be questioned regularly and offered extension tasks that require more complex thinking. Depending on the subject, these tasks are often found on tailored iTunes U courses that can also be accessed outside of the lesson to offer all students an opportunity to further their learning. Regular and personal homeworks are tailored for HPA students to ensure they are stretched throughout their whole learning experience.

At Hove Park we understand that achieving the highest level in all subjects can be extremely challenging. Therefore we offer various supports inside and outside of the classroom to ensure our HPA students remain resilient and are equipped with learning tools to access the highest level. Each subject will offer various support strategies such as bespoke iTunes U courses, targeted revision/catch-up sessions or HPA Saturday school.

It is essential for all students at Hove Park to get a rounded learning experience. Therefore we offer a variety of enrichment activities to ensure students see the bigger picture about learning each subject. Various extra curricular activities can be tailored for HPA students such as exposure to University, problem solving competitions and numerous school trips.