Digital Fluency

Our school is a vibrant and exciting school at the heart of the community that crosses two sites, set in a city of innovation; Brighton is termed a digital cluster, meaning it is a focal point for the digital industry nationwide.

We originally introduced a 1:1 iPad strategy in 2013 in order to transform learning, raise achievement and develop a creative and collaborative learning environment. Our innovation, leadership and educational excellence was first recognised as an Apple Distinguished School in 2014, with further recognition after being re-designated in 2016 and 2018.

Hove Park School & Sixth Form Centre’s 1:1 strategy is embedded and continually moving forward. We are truly excited about the opportunities students and teachers alike have for collaboration and leadership of their own learning.

iTunes U on an ipad iTunes U on an ipad

Virtual learning environment

Here at Hove Park School we use Firefly as the hub of activity for all things digital. Firefly is a modern learning platform that opens the lines of communication between teacher, parent and students. Our teachers primarily use Firefly to set tasks as either class work or homework. Teachers have the ability to mark, grade and share feedback to these tasks directly to students and parents. Parents not only have the ability to see these tasks but also view information such as reports, achievement, behaviour and details of theirs child's timetable.

To access Firefly as a parent you do this via the parent portal or by using the dedicated Firefly parent app. The app works in conjunction with our Parent Portal, helping you to stay up to date with the latest news and information concerning your children from your mobile phone or tablet. On the app, you can:

  • View profiles for your children, including their attendance records, personal blogs, marks and tasks.
  • Read messages from teachers or staff.
  • View recommended bookmarks.

You can download the Firefly for Parents app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

For more information about using the apps, refer to the Firefly Help Centre.

Here are a few pages to introduce you to the apps:

You will require our school code to log in for the first time. This is HOVEPARK

iTunes U on an ipad iTunes U on an ipad

Core Apps: Firefly, iTunes U and Foldr

iTunes U on an ipad


The main core app students use is Firefly; This app is in the form of a student planner. Students can also access Firefly through a browser.

iTunes U

iTunes U is a File/resource sharing platform. We have over 250 courses available to our students (and staff). iTunes U courses benefit learning by allowing all content to reach its target audience from within a course in the app. An iTunes U course typically will have links to resources, how to videos, web content and provide information for a lesson or section of a course allowing for anytime learning.


Foldr is our network storage. All students and staff have access to this through the app Foldr. Students are encouraged to save their important work to their space on the network through use of Foldr.

showbie on an ipad

Other apps

Photos – Take pictures of your boards, work and learning and edit within Photos app. From here you have the ability to mark up a photo to annotate.

Camera – capture learning using a photo or video.

Kahoot –kahoot quizzes for students to comptete against one another. A great start or end to the lesson.

Paper – Gives the ability to use the iPad to create drawings, annotate and import photos to use in other apps.

Screen Record - record the screen of your iPad to demonstrate perhaps how to use an app or capture your learning while using the device.

Office Lens - Capture your white board from any angle which then gets flattened. Once imported teachers can upload to tasks on Firefly to model the lesson or students can save a picture of the whiteboard in an album or elsewhere.

Verso – A discursive video app that allows student to comment on what the can see through the app.

Spark Video – how to tell a story using video and pictures.

Explain Everything - A versatile creative app that allows how to videos to be created, pdf’s to be discussed with vocals recorded and over-dubbed whilst showing video annotations.

Padlet - An app that allows student to discuss and comment upon the content posted. Create a learning wall or a place where everyone can be heard.

Other apps

Nearpod - An interactive presentation app giving teachers and students the opportunity to assess learning in an exciting new way. It allow students to participate in tasks where learning can be assessed, discussed and gives everyone a chance to contribute.

Apple Classroom – Gives the teacher the ability to guide learning from within a class. Point to a web page, mute all iPads, push to a task and much more!

Google Keep - a note taking app that has a trick up its sleeve – Take a photo of some text and then see how it is able to then lift that text off the photo and into editable text.

Clips - Create a short video to explain your understanding.

Bookcreator - Book Creator is a simple tool for creating digital books. Combine text, images, audio and video to create:Interactive stories, Digital portfolios, Research journals, Poetry books, Science reports, Instruction manuals, ‘About me’ books, Comic adventures.

Swift Playgrounds - is an app that teaches you to write Swift code in a fun, interactive way. Learn the code developers use to build apps.

Quik - create learning videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite photos and video clips then let Quik work its magic. In seconds, it finds great moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the beat of the music.

We also have subscriptions to online browser based applications such as Hegarty Maths and Kerboodle.

Help and FAQ’s


In this section we’ll go into detail about resolving some common iPad issues. IT Support run iPad support sessions in the library and Learning Resource Centre on both campuses during break and lunch on the following days:

Valley campus. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Nevill campus. Tuesday and Thursday.

If you cannot find a resolution to your problem in this section please bring your iPad along to one of the above sessions.

If you have physical damage to your iPad, please submit an insurance claim form here:

Once the form is submitted, please attend one of the iPad support sessions and an IT technician will arrange for repair if it’s covered under insurance.

IOS updates. Often if you’re noticing a glitch or fault with your iPad software it’s worth checking for an IOS update. IOS updates can be found in the settings app under the section title ‘General’. IOS updates are blocked in school to prevent slow internet use, these can be carried out from home when connected to wifi.

Email. School email settings are added automatically to school iPads. If you have changed your school password and are unable to access your emails via the mail app your password may not have been updated. To do this open the settings app, tap the section titled ‘Mail’. Tap the accounts section and select ‘Hove Park Email’. To check your password is correct, tap your email address and type your school password into the password text box.

No internet. If you are not able to access apps which use the internet or browse the internet in safari, check you are connected to wifi and ensure you are not trying to access through a VPN app.

iPad is slow or cannot save files. iPad has a finite amount of storage, if you are noticing issues saving files or your iPad is running slowly it’s often worth checking your available storage. This can be done by opening the Settings app tapping the section titled ‘General’ and selecting ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’. If there is limited space available you can delete apps and photos to make more space available.

Apps/features disappear at school. All iPads are setup with onsite supervision rules. This enables the school to provide a safe environment in which to learn. This results in social media, age restrictive apps and some standard iPad features being removed from the devices only whilst in school.