iPad Insurance Claims

If your child's iPad develops a fault or is accidentally damaged or stolen and an insurance claim is necessary, please click on the link https://www.cpu.co.uk/CPU/claim2.asp to submit an insurance claim. Once the claim has been submitted, please ask your child to attend the iPad Support Sessions where a member of the IT Support team will collect the iPad ready to submit for the insurance claim.

Claims submitted 14 days or more after the damage has occurred are not covered by the policy.

The iPad Support Sessions take place at break and lunch on the following days:

Valley Campus - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Nevill Campus - Tuesday, Thursday

Please note that the following is not covered by the insurance policy:

  • Deliberate damage, e.g. caused by carelessness.
  • Theft of an unattended iPad.
  • iPads damaged while not in a case.