Albion in the community

Nine Year 7 Hove Park School digital leaders took part in ‘Tech Girls’ – an initiative in partnership with ‘Albion in the Community’ at the American Express Community Stadium on 19th June 2019. The programme has been developed to inspire girls to explore further the role technology plays in the world around them and help them discover the varying career paths available to them.

As an Apple Distinguished School, digital leaders have taken part in guided workshops focused around 1:1 digital technology, over the course of the Spring and Summer term. Our workshops aimed to build on their implicit skills and improve their understanding and knowledge of the digital tools available to them. Hove Park School has had success in delivering opportunities to girls in digital fluency, particularly in recent years with coding.

Today our students learnt about the skills and knowledge that they need to follow a curriculum pathway in technology. Our digital leaders have been taking part in challenges and a series of fun interactive tasks that stretch their imagination, to enable them to see the possibilities that are available to them in their careers. Using teamwork, critical thinking and leadership, the digital leaders have; dismantled and re-built a computer, programmed a 16MHz computer to produce different colours with three RBG LED’s using ultrasonic sound waves, stress tested different metals to see hew ductile they are and finally programmed robots using coding, to take a particular pathway through a maze.

We look forward to Day 2 of this event next week, with American Express and Albion in the Community.