Annual Education Summit 2018

Hove Park students presented at the Annual Education Summit held at Sussex University last Friday. Yogi and Nick’s presentation (which was far and away the best, although we are biased!) told the story of this year’s achievements with the Digital Leaders which will create a sustainable model for digital leadership in years to come. Yogi and Nick presented with such confidence it made us all proud.

Hove Park also had artwork created by our students on display using augmented reality; where the artwork comes to life with video when an iPad is aimed at it using the app HP Reveal.

We were awarded for our achievements with digital technology in the classroom and for the role our students play in making this happen. The resources Ms Sorenson has created for Learning for life being an example of this. Ms Benjamin also presented to delegates demonstrating the apps Paper and Brushes, and how the Art team use them at Hove Park. The school’s reputation in this area grows each and every year thanks to the work Mr Sumner continues to lead. It was another one of those occasions I felt incredibly privileged to be part of Hove Park.