'Big Bang’ @ Plumpton College

STEM visit to ‘Big Bang’ @ Plumpton College

On Thursday, students visited Plumpton College for a fun packed day of STEM activities based around the land-based sector.

The day started with a workshop from iRed, one of the leading experts in thermal imaging, photogrammetry and drone deployment technologies. Students got to program the drones to take off, rotate, loop, pass through a hoop and then land. They then got to control the drones manually and make use of the built-in camera.

It was then straight to the science laboratories to discover how wine is made. Students got their lab coats on and tested the amount of sugar in grapes and the density of grape juice. They could then calculate the percentage of alcohol that could be made with this sample of grapes.

Next stop was the equine centre where students learned about the way horses move and linked it to human movement. After a short briefing about the anatomy of a horse, it was into a lab for some dissection of a horses leg. This hands-on approach was a great way to learn about how the muscles, bones and tendons work together to produce movement.

After lunch, students went to a STEM exhibition and a metal workshop. As part of this students got to go into a forge and experience the art of blacksmithing. The students went away from this experience with a placard.

Overall it was a wonderful day, full of enrichment and one that I think students will remember for a very long time. Throughout the day we had lots of staff comment on how smart, well behaved, enthusiastic and knowledgeable our students are. Well done to all involved.

Mr Hamblin and Mrs McCutcheon