China Trip 2018 - Day 7

Today we woke up to go down for breakfast in the hotel before meeting our Chinese buddies in the lobby. After some brief conversations we went our separate ways to spend the day with our buddies.

Some of us went to zoos, some to gyms, some to aquariums, and some to the buddies family homes to chill out (or boil!). Whatever we did, it was enjoyable, to the point that some people didn't return until past 9pm! The families were extremely kind, and showered us in gifts - and food! Our Chinese improved greatly over the day, and their English also did!

Some groups were shown around the traditional markets of Xi'an and saw how the locals lived in this amazing city. Others went to specific locations, and some left the city entirely. Most people went for lunch at local restaurants and I personally went to a small place were we had chicken soup and lots of other local dishes. Outside there was a rusty swing which we played on for a bit until going back to the city with the family, who were very nice, where we explored through the backstreets and eventually went for coffee (so not just a British tradition...) before returning back to the hotel.

Even though I got back at 7pm, some of the buddies liked us so much they just didn't want to leave us so many got home later. After that, we all settled down and enjoyed a well earned rest after a day in the extreme sun.

By Daniel Porges and Lenny Marks