China Trip 2018 - Day 8

Our alarm went off at quarter to six and we hurried downstairs to wake up all ten of the lazy boys on our trip like every morning. We headed down to breakfast, got filled up and got in the coach. We were headed to the street market in the Muslim quarter to try all the street foods we'd been fawning over for the past week (including rolled ice cream, dragons beard and strange colourful wafers that had been stirred about in liquid nitrogen) and finish our last minute shopping. After being half an hour late to meet back at the coach, we finally got back on with the help of Sheung and Dr Lee and started heading to the Bo-Ai international campus for our last day of school.

We got to the school and had lunch (various types of chicken, chips and dumplings) then we sat around for a while before it was time to go to our lesson for our final test. The test was hard but I did better than I thought I had. Next it was time for the closing ceremony, which we were dreading because we had to get up and do a speech (I messed up a bit). One by one, we got called up to collect our certificates for attending the school and we got given a present (a recyclable and reusable cup). After that we had dinner at the school and made our way back to the hotel..

Once we got to the hotel, we chucked our bags down and went back out to the nail salon (we had been waiting to go for days) we managed to drag two of the boys out with us and they hated it and refused to get their nails done (they just sat on their phones/Ds' however they made no complaints and even turned down the offer to slap us so they were as gentlemanly as they could've been in that situation!) we left to get our nails done at 8 and finally got back after a lot of waiting round for nail to dry at 12 but our nails looked awesome!

By Yogi Patel & Evie Longstaff