Chinese language and culture taster session

A group of lucky Year 6 students at West Blatchington Primary have recently benefitted from a Chinese language and culture taster session led by one of our Mandarin team, Yan Huang. During the workshop the children learned a Chinese numbers rap song and tried their hand at traditional Chinese calligraphy. They also thoroughly enjoyed performing kung fu moves with their rulers!

The purpose of this workshop was to promote our new Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) which will run for a select group of 40 Year 7 students from September 2017. Hove Park will be rolling out the same workshop in other local feeder primaries over the course of this half term with a view to securing a small number of Year 6 students from each school to begin the programme at Hove Park in September.

Hove Park has worked hard to secure substantial funding to run this course from ‘Hanban’ (the Chinese equivalent of the British Council who promote Chinese language and culture overseas). The programme aims to see at least 5,000 school pupils in England on track to fluency in Mandarin Chinese by 2020. By working towards achieving a very high level of Mandarin Chinese, students on the programme are being given an unprecedented opportunity in terms of language provision in schools in England. Students will take eight hours of Mandarin Chinese a week – including four hours of classroom taught lessons .

Hove Park’s MFL department is very excited to have recently expanded its Mandarin team in preparation for teaching the MEP, which puts us at the forefront of Mandarin provision among state schools in the Southeast of England. Students lucky enough to benefit from this opportunity will enjoy many advantages:

  • Mandarin Chinese opens up a world of opportunity – it is the most-spoken language in the world and can connect speakers with an exciting and dynamic culture.
  • Speaking Mandarin Chinese will give pupils a head start in life – only one per cent of the UK population can currently speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • Speaking Mandarin Chinese boosts career opportunities – 31 per cent of 300 UK businesses surveyed by the CBI in 2014 said that they wanted staff who could speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • Studying Mandarin Chinese presents a unique and valuable opportunity for your pupils and your school – over 3,500 pupils in England took a GCSE in Mandarin Chinese in 2016.

*If you would like your Year 6 linguists to be part of this elite programme in September 2017 please put forward their names as soon as possible to Head of Mandarin Studies, Min Qiao, .