Creative writing national competitions update

The English department has been encouraging students to get involved in national creative writing competitions over the last few months and we have had some great results! Firstly, Year 7 student Isaac's story got through to the second round of the BBC 500 Words Competition. There were thousands of entries, so this is a fantastic achievement. The final winner will be announced in due course. Here’s his story below:

2062, so far the best year in air traffic...the sun elevated. Wind gently traveling around the airfield.

Aircraft arriving and departing without any disturbance. There hasn't been aircraft missing since 2021, along time right! Well-hum-ah there have been crashes but not too many only a few, only about 1 commercial aircrafts produced by airbus or boeing.

Today is a wierd day. I am usually on top of the tower controlling landings, instead I am assigned to Heathrow area control. This is my first time in this dark, lacklustre room. This place is not as bad I thought it would be. I was told to meet Mrs.Wilson, where is she?

"Mr.Johnson?" said Mrs.Wilson.

I turned right round. We wished each other, you know all the polite thing you should do. She showed me around, taught me a few things, she is really strict then i thought she will be. I finally found my work space not as good as the one i used to work at before but its still good. When I sat down...what can I was so comfortable. I feel like i should pay attention at work more now. I have to make it clear to the pilots that i am in charge as the person working here before has a break. I have done this before. I also have a list of flights to see are the aircrafts traveling in the right zone.

An object appears on my radar with no data on how high it is or the speed of it. I am really confused. Luckily Mrs.Wilson is with me. She instructed me to alert all the other aircraft to use the traffic features on the flight control while she contacts the airforce airtraffic control as they can track it down. Wait...Oh no...the U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object) is heading right for the runways. I try to get in contact with the other flights and hopefully with the U.F.O. but before all that I need to tell the airport airtraffic department to close the runways as it is dangerous...

"Zzzzzzaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeegggggg!" That what i hear. It coming from the U.F.O.

"Helloo?" I reply

"Zzzzeeeeggggghhhhhaaaaa!" This time in a different voice.

I am really scared as i have all the attention.

Mrs. Wilson asked me where are they heading to?

I replied, they are changing their direction, now they are heading straight to the river a few miles away...Now back to the airfield. Another controller contacts Gatwick and the Newly built airport Northley International for diversion, 8 airport in London doesn't make sense right. I am going massively off topic, I have a U.F.O. around this area and I am thinking about London's airports.

The U.F.O. is really close to the airport. According to the airport department it is really shiny outside. U.F.O. is really close!! My radar goes all black.


Young Writers Poetry Escape Competition

Secondly, over 50 students entered a poem in the above competition and 46 have been shortlisted to have their poems published in a book! The book is entitled Poetry Escape – Poets from the South East, and it will be published in July. Parents of the students must give permission for the publication of the poems so students haven’t been notified yet. Important – tutors, you will be given the permission letters on Monday, so please give them to the students so that they are taken home. Parents need to sign these letters, and send them back to Young Writers by 10th May so that the poems can be published. Thank you!