Digital Leaders into Learning for life

Yesterday saw the launch of Digital Leaders into Learning for life. Before Damian Hinds (Secretary of State for Education) announced the need to prepare students for a "high proportion of jobs that require digital skills" we were already hard at work recruiting Digital Leaders from Year 7,8 & 9 to pass on these skills to our student body. It would be fair to say back then we didn't quite now how we were going to do it. We knew that it was good thing our Digital leaders were developing their skills and preparing them. But we recognised that we could go one better and that it would be a whole different ball game if we could get them doing the coaching of these skills to their peers. 

Following the recruitment process in December and January we now have 34 Digital Leaders. When we started our Digital Leader workshop back in January we had 5 students. We now have a very large class full, all sharing a common interest in anything digital, working together and making friends across year groups. We recognise the varied skills our DL’s already possess and aim to kit them out with new ones. The skills these students will learn are of course largely transferable. Getting them to transfer these skills to others across the school is something we aim to make sustainable going forward with our new Year 7 in September.

We decided that the best way to do this would be for our Digital Leaders to go into Learning for Life lessons. Learning for life is delivered through the use of iTunes U a file sharing platform where students are pointed to a range of resources to guide their learning in literacy and PSHE. Our Digital Leaders focused on the skills needed to create a Quizlet or Kahoot on the "fortnightly five" key word definitions. It was possible yesterday that more Implicit teaching and learning was taking place yesterday than ever before. 

"They gave clear instructions with scaffolded modelling. Furthermore, they confidently identified and assisted the students who needed more help (including myself!). They are more than welcome to come back to 7S anytime" - Mr Rafferty

"Big-Up to Maddie, Bella and Venus who were awesome with 7E. They did really well and are welcome back any time!" - Mr Himsworth

So it seems they are welcome back anytime, and this is great because next week it's happening again.