EAL trip to Migration Museum

A group of 8 EAL (English as an additional language) students ventured all the way to Lambeth this week to take part in a workshop at the Migration Museum- a new venue for sharing stories of migration to and from Britain.

The group took a winding route from Victoria to Lambeth on foot, entertained by the encyclopaedic history knowledge of Mr Carpenter along the way. They walked across Horse Guards Parade, past Downing Street, along the houses of parliament and across Lambeth bridge getting a fantastic tour of historical London into the bargain.

The workshop itself was poignant for our students, many of whom were from migrant families themselves. They learned about the push and pull factors involved in the often difficult decisions made by those who migrate and the sometimes terrible journeys migrants endure to get to their destination.

The students were very moved when Soli, a migrant from Sudan, told his story which involved a perilous 3-day walk through the desert to Libya, a hazardous boat journey and six hour swim to Italy then 12 hours clinging to the underside of a truck before finally being arrested in Sheffield. His story really brought home the harsh realities faced by many migrants, as did the exhibition of photographs capturing people from the ‘Jungle’ in Calais.

Our students learned a lot from the experience both about migration at the human level but also the bigger picture of why these issues are so pressing for the UK at the present time. A great day well spent!