First day at a new school

It has been very interesting to meet some of our new year 7's to find out how their transition from Primary to Secondary was. I decided to interview a further three students Laila from Brunswick Primary, and Alaa and Ameera from Benfield Primary.

"To start off, tell me what it was like on your very first day of school at Hove Park - Alaa - "I didn't have many friends that came here but I have family that are here so I felt comfortable not knowing too many people. On the first day we were given a map which made it easy to find our way around. ".

Laila - "It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, I am not in the same class with a lot of my friends from Brunswick, but this was better because I have made so many new friends".

Ameera - "I came to the Summer school here, I made a lot of friends so I already knew people when I first started which was nice. ".

"Summer school is a great way to ease your transition from Primary to Secondary, what did you do at Summer School Ameera?" -  "It was fun, I did lots of different activities like volleyball and cooking, It really helped me to know my way around so when it came to the first day I didn't feel too nervous I felt quite confident."

"What have you enjoyed so far about being at Hove Park School" - Laila - " I really enjoy MADE and can't wait to learn the printing and to be able to do it all day." 

Ameera - " I like science because we get to do big experiments now using the bunsen burners", 

Alaa - " I like that we get to do PE with just the girls, in primary the boys would always get to the ball first but now we get the chance to"