Harry Potter trip

Over two M.A.D.E. Days on the 5th and 7th June 260 Hove Park students explored the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios to discover the magic behind the world famous films. We learnt a few secrets along the way and enjoyed the opportunity to see first hand the props and scenery that our favourite characters would have used during the filming of the series. Students and staff alike were inspired the world behind the making of the films. The creation of the props with the minute details and quest to create just the right effect was amazing and the architect’s drawing for the interiors and exteriors of Hogwarts could get you believing that everything within the film could be real. Students were impressed by the science and technology behind the special effects and the array of career opportunities have got Key Stage 3 students buzzing with ideas!

The students were fantastic and did both Hove Park and Hogwarts proud. The staff, too, were well behaved and there was no need to call on Snape to take control.

Huge thanks goes out to everyone; students, parents and carers and those at school who made this trip possible!