Hove Park in Epic Fight Back against Newman

Hove Park Year 8 played against Cardinal Newman in the league on Wednesday 29th March.

Hove Park took an early lead against the run of play. Newman came into the game and dominated the rest of the half scoring four goals, one a spectacular free kick. At half time instructions were given, and a few tactically changes were made. The team went out looking to turn the game around but knew it would very difficult against a very strong opponent.

The team played as a real unit and managed to make it 4-2 with a well worked goal, with little time remaining Hove Park again linked a great move down the wing to make it 4-3. With only two minute left S.Grant received the ball on the edge of the box and blasted it into the top corner.

He was swamped by the whole side in a truly epic comeback. Soon after it was full time. A great example of never giving up. Well done to the whole team!