International visitors impressed with Hove Park's innovation in digital technology learning

During the week of the 22nd January we once again welcomed visitors from schools around the world who were in the UK to see the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) show. This year we had 80 Headteachers from France, 20 educators from Holland, 15 from India and 50 from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The purpose of these visits is to discover from us about our innovation in digital technology learning and our 21st Century learning skills. A large number of Digital Leaders (old and new) took part in the event. For them, this was a great opportunity to speak with educators from different countries, to practice their communication and presentation skills and also to learn about different education systems.

Our visitors were extremely impressed with our students as the following quotes show:

Your best asset was what and how your students taught us. They are confident enough to face big groups of adults. Well done!

It was impressive to see how confident the students are with the iPad and the great talk they did.

tout était parfait.

It’s a different way to add to the teaching and learning. Technology is already a part of their lives. We use their tools to involve them.

Our visitors on Friday afternoon were also very interested to hear about our Mandarin Excellence Programme. Miss Qiao led a Mandarin lesson for a group of Year 7’s in the hall for everyone to see. The Year 7 students were very nervous to start with but soon forgot their nerves and showed off their learning in a variety of ways. The educators from Hong Kong and Taiwan (including representatives from the Education Department) were so impressed they joined in the lesson! It was a wonderful afternoon where we learnt from our international colleagues and they learnt from us.