Italian buddy's

Our year 9 and 10 Italian students (plus a few Germanists in year 10) have had a fab week buddying Italian students from southern Italy. The Italian students have had a taste of life in an English school and have really enjoyed seeing different lessons and meeting new people. On Thursday night we all went out for a farewell meal together. Close to 60 of us in a private space in the restaurant ... a noisy, but yummy meal was enjoyed by us all. The students sat with their Italian buddies for the meal and the conversations around the restaurant were in a mix of both languages, lots of interaction between the two nations and even more laughter. Really lovely to see. They’ve all had a memorable experience this week. Some of the friendships will doubtless continue for years to come. Our students made us proud of them tonight - well mannered, great company and good representatives of Hove Park.