Kenya expedition

We began our Kenya expedition by visiting Tsavo National Park. Here the students participated in a lot of animal conservation work such as deworming goats, building elephant deterrent fences and digging out water holes. As well as engaging with the amazing work the locals do to support the wildlife, our students were able to participate in a truly authentic African safari. We saw amazing animals such as zebra, elephants, baboons, giraffes, buffalo and we were even lucky enough to see a pair of male lions. After seeing the wildlife we went to visit a maasai tribe. We were greeted by a welcome dance and were taught all of the traditions, such as their amazing ability to jump and also to create fire in a matter of seconds.

After Tsavo, we headed south to begin our Padi scuba diving course. The students participated in a 4 day course to earn their open water qualification. Students had 4 sea dives where they saw amazing wildlife such as rays, sea horses and turtles.

The scuba course was intense both mentally and physically so we spent a couple of days resting and relaxing at Diani beach. This beach has been ranked the best beach in Africa and it truly lived up to expectations. As well as completing beach clear ups and recycling washed up flip flops, students had a chance to rest up before our next adventure.

Next stop was Muhaka where we planned to really make a difference to the community. We had 4 days planned to help renovate a local primary school. The students exceeded any expectations and daily targets whilst working here. We were given the task to smash up a concrete floor in one of the classrooms. Our group managed to complete the task in 2 hours, something the expedition team had never seen before. We spent he rest of the time painting the buildings, restoring old classroom desks and decorating educational messages around the school. To complete our time here, our students spent the afternoon teaching the local students English dances and also participated in a big football match in extremely hot conditions. Our students worked hard to help the community and this was a very rewarding and enriching experience.

To finish our expedition we headed to a National Park outside Nairobi helping with more environment conservation work. We were lucky enough to complete the expedition with a safari walk, where we came very close to wild monkeys, a huge crocodile and a herd of giraffes.

Our students indulged in the Kenyan traditions, taking away some learnt Swahili, beautiful photography and unforgettable memories. They did us proud at Hove Park by trying to learn as much as possible, also trying to share their own experiences with the amazing people we met in Kenya. I believe this trip has had a huge impact on the 11 students that travelled, but also an impact on a truly beautiful and remarkable country.

Mr Whiteman