Lush launch CREST ‘Bath bomb challenge’ award

It was an exciting week at jr. STEM club as we had an amazing visit from one of the leading companies in handmade cosmetics. Staff from our local ‘Lush’ store in Brighton came in to talk to students about the company, its ethos and how they make their products. The students were really engaged as they learnt how Lush products are handmade, 100% vegetarian and how they fight against animal testing and human slavery.

Over the next few weeks, students will work in small teams to research, order ingredients, test, adapt, retest and package their own bath bomb. This project will require students to work together, use scientific/technical knowledge, make decisions taking into consideration ethical issues, be creative and reflective.

A big thank you to Lush Brighton for helping to make a memorable session.

More to follow.

Mr Hamblin & Mrs McCutcheon