Primary Science Outreach

Hove Park’s series of transitional KS2 to KS3 science lessons are designed to inspire local primary children to become interested and enthusiastic about science. They will explore science in a practical, interactive and fun way.

Primary schools often have limited resources for science experiments and this project has been put together to enhance the primary/secondary links and transition process, as well as to give school’s access to resources they probably do not have, for teaching practical science lessons. Children are naturally curious and it is imperative we hone into their natural curiosity of the world around them as early as possible.

Our first outreach visit was to West Blatchington School, where we enthused a year 5 class with a lesson on the solar system.  We took along our knitted planets and had a scavenger hunt to find out lots of facts about our little bit of the universe.  We had great fun outside in the playground measuring out distances between the planets using toilet rolls.  Five of our newly appointed year 9 Science Ambassadors - Mathew, Jodie, Elisa, Emma and Isabel came along to help and were fantastic representatives of Hove Park.

We have had lots of interest from other schools and look forward to visiting them in the near future or welcoming them into the Hove Park labs.

Mrs Smith & Mrs Cottingham