Religious Studies trip to Hove churches

Last week the Year 10 GCSE class for Religious Studies made a visit to two Hove church communities to learn more about the similarities and differences between them in Christian worship, and how this is reflected in the layout of the buildings. It was also interesting to see the different activities they are involved in and students were also able to ask questions about beliefs. Students walked from the Nevill campus to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Hove, a Victorian building near the town hall, with a medieval looking exterior and finely decorated interior. They were welcomed and guided by Fr Michael Jackson, who emphasised that the church is really the community who gathers, rather than the building. The students looked around the church and came back for question time about baptism and Eucharist and faith in the modern world. We then walked in the sunshine through leafy Hove to Holland Road Baptist church, a lively community with a lot of different activities where Steve Waker welcomed us and gave a tour. The church has a simpler structure, but students were most struck by the large almost swimming pool-sized font at the front of the church where full immersion baptisms take place. We then took a bus back to school. The students felt it had enhanced their learning and their appreciation of unity and diversity in Christianity.