Semi Final County Cup Heartbreak

On Monday 19th February Hove Park took on Dorothy Stinger in the County Cup Semi Final, It proved be be a real game of two halves.

Hove Park had switched formation in reaction to their previous fixture against Dorothy Stringer to a back three, pushing more players into the midfield.

This had a huge impact on the first half with Hove Park leading 2-0 and playing well. There was an injury to the ever dangerous Adain E early on in the first half which sadly saw his game come to an early end. The team still went in to the break 2-0 up.

The team knew the second half would be difficult, leading 2-0 with a place in the final at stake. 

Dorothy Stringer with nothing to lose changed their tactics and went all out attack with a very high press. Hove Park started well, but an error at the back allowed Dorothy Stringer the encouragement they needed 2-1. The pressure was really on, with Dorothy Stringer flying, mistakes began to be made, the switch of their star player into the midfield had a huge impact. Then again Dorothy Stringer broke through and finished well 2-2. Heart break for Hove Park.

 Then with minutes left it got worse, with the side pushed up looking to regain the lead, a mistake up top led to a quick break and and their striker finished well which amazingly put Hove Park 3-2 down. Hove Park threw everything they had left at Dorothy Stringer’s goal but they managed to hold on.

It was heartbreaking for the Hove Park players, but a huge congratulations must go to Dorothy Stinger who performed amazingly well to get back in the game and then go on to win it. 

It really was a tale of two halves. Hove Park may well meet Dorothy Stinger again this year if they make it to the Town Cup final. We wish Dorthy Stinger the very best of luck in the County Cup final.

It will be an important lesson and experience for the Hove Park players, as it is this that makes football the beautiful game it is. There will always be another game. It is a huge achievement to have reached the semi finals and next year they can try and improve upon that. 

They travel to London on Friday 23rd February to represent Brighton District in the 5aside regional finals.