Student Success - India Grant

India is currently studying politics, psychology, law and economics at the University of Amsterdam. Whilst studying at Hove Park Sixth Form, India had always wanted to study abroad and even an offer from Cambridge University was not enough to tempt her away from this dream. She visited during our cold spell in March, but said it was nothing compared to the frozen canals of Amsterdam!

India successfully completed her GCSE’s at Hove Park and naturally continued her education at HP6. She talked about Sixth Form being the perfect balance between freedom and structure, making sure she felt like an adult in an adult environment, yet keeping enough structure in place to ensure she completed her studies and did very well in them. She said the Sixth Form had allowed her to identify and study the subjects she was passionate about and her time at Hove Park fostered a long term love for learning as well as giving her valuable skills. She hopes one day to become a teacher and help future generations to develop the same deep passion for learning that Hove Park did for her.