Swaziland training expedition

This weekend we had 16 year 10 and 11 students wild camping in Ashdown Forrest in preparation for their Swaziland expedition in the summer. Over the weekend the team were solely responsible for finding us a suitable home for the night and preparing and cooking enough food on an open camp fire. The Hove Park students were incredible and took the whole experience in their stride.

Despite it being extremely wet and windy on Saturday, the team set up camp and managed to start and maintain an open fire, something that all other teams found difficult. Our students then prepared and cooked Spaghetti Bolognese for the whole team, including 2 teachers and an expedition leader. The expedition leader even stated that the meal was the “best she had experienced” over her 20 year career leading expeditions. Despite sleeping in challenging conditions, the students rose early again to start a fire and cook everyone breakfast. We finished the day by hiking into a nearby village as well as practising key skills required for our fantastic adventure to Swaziland in July.

The team worked so well together despite the adverse weather conditions during the weekend. We are all very excited for the amazing adventure planned in Swaziland, as well working with local communities.