The Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP)

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. The Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) is a nationwide intensive language programme. HPS is one of the few schools in Sussex, at the forefront of delivering this ground breaking programme. The programme has opened up a world of opportunity for those students who have taken part this year and they certainly get a head start in their pathway towards language mastery. HPS will continue to deliver this programme for our future Year 7 students who wish to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Our MEP students enjoy the variety of lessons. Students who take part in the MEP project generally possess the following skill sets:

  1. The are very enthusiastic about learning Chinese. Almost all students feel the language is very interesting and it engages them.
  2. The more they know about the language, the more they want to learn Chinese. They actively participate in the after school club and many even use their lunch time to learn more Chinese!
  3. The learning is very effective. The degree of cooperation is extremely high between students and teachers, so students can grasp the content quickly and easily during the lesson time.

Leila said, “I learn a lot more in the most fun way possible.”

“Chinese is such an amazing language and it’s logical. All the teachers are supportive,” said Nancy.

“We learn about Chinese culture as well as the language,” said Ciara.

Thursday after school, over 20 students stayed to learn how to make Chinese dumplings as part of a taste of Chinese culture. Students were extremely enthusiastic about kneading the different coloured dough and making pastries with Chinese rolling pins. The most fun part was to wrap chocolate with the pastry and then afterwards unwrap it and eat the chocolate!

“The dumpling making was fun and creative. I learned how to use chopsticks! “said Mila.