Year 10 Cricket News

The year 10 side travelled to Brighton College on Tuesday 14th May. Hove Park were up against it with two players suffering late injuries meaning only nine players were fit to travel. The nine Hove Park players went into bat first, managing to score an impressive 98 run for only 4 wickets, easily seeing out the 20 overs. Captain Sam.G. then had to develop a clever fielding system due to the two players missing.

Hove Park started the fielding keeping Brighton College's run rate down, wickets began to fall for Brighton College with pressure mounting on the Brighton College wicket. The game looked like it would go right down to the wire.

Then a talented middle order batsman for Brighton College dug in and started to increase their run rate, hitting some fantastic shot. Brighton College narrowly won against the Hove Park nine players with only 12 balls remaining. This is an incredible achievement by the Hove Park side. The fact they managed to compete with Brighton College whilst missing two players was very impressive.

Brighton College kindly invited the team for tea after the match. A huge thanks to them. Well done to the team a fantastic performance against all the odds.

Mr T Lowrie