Year 7 rise to the 'Tenner Challenge'

Recently, three Year 7 maths classes participated in the nationwide 'Tenner challenge' in which students arranged themselves into groups, and were given £10 cash to set up a business for a month.

They had to complete the work outside of lesson time, and demonstrated some real entrepreneurial skills. Businesses included the ever popular 'cake sales', raffles, competitions and using laser cutting to form personalised key rings. Students reinvested the profit that they made and then 'cashed out' at the end.

They had to pay back the £10 pledge, plus £1 to the Young Enterprise but they got to keep the remainder of the profit. Many groups chose to give a proportion of their earnings to a charity of their choice. Almost all groups managed to make a profit; some in excess of £100.

One student said:" I had a blast creating a company concept and working with my fellow students. We all agreed to give fractions of our earnings to charities and in my opinion, this was the best part. It was marvellous knowing that we had fun whilst giving back to our community and adults and children around the world less fortunate then us."