Your Pathway to success

At HP6 we offer 4 distinct pathways to help students not only gain their qualifications needed to move on to the next step, but also to give them valuable experiences, skills and other qualifications needed to ensure they stand out when it comes to the next part of their journey. Each pathway offers a variety of “extra opportunities” which can be seen over the page. These include work experience placements as part of timetables and students will also be encouraged into leadership opportunities, such as volunteering in other areas of the school or community, being a teaching assistant in lessons, a reading mentor, EAL assistant or working in local primary schools. All of these opportunities and experiences enhance students’ CV’s and UCAS applications to make them stand out from the rest.

If your subject choices do not quite fit into a pathway, don’t worry as you are able to choose subjects from across the pathways. Have a look through each pathway as this may give you some help in thinking about your future career.

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Do you want to be a doctor or pharmacist, travel agent, social worker or tour operator? Then this is the Pathway for you! Alongside the 5 subjects offered, we work with local health and leisure employers to offer a range of related work experiences.


  • Applied Science
  • BTEC Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Health and Social Care
  • Tourism


The Business and Sport pathway is designed to help young business minds and sports persons with their next steps! Do you want to set up your own successful sports company, or even be the next Alan Sugar? If yes, this is the Pathway for you!


  • Business
  • Business BTEC
  • Core Maths
  • Sport & Physical Activity
  • Psychology


The Digital Fluency pathway gives students the skills and qualifications to enter a variety of fields from coding to web design. We have links with many local IT companies who can also offer a wealth of experience.


  • Computer Science
  • Graphic Design
  • Maths
  • Physics


The People and Society Pathway gives you an opportunity to study societies past and present in more depth. This pathway connects with a wide variety of careers and opportunities for students moving forwards.


  • English Literature
  • Further Maths
  • History
  • Law
  • Photography
  • Sociology