Year 11 Revision Webinars

On Monday evening, Year 11 students were able to access Hove Park School’s first ever webinar!

A webinar is a live, educational event that is delivered online and includes audio and visual communication between a speaker and attendees.

Our first webinar was for Year 11 students taking the math higher paper mock exam this week, to help them with their revision. It was delivered by Ms Boraster, with technical support from Ms Hunt and Ms Mulvenna, who answered the questions sent in by students during the live broadcast.

Our next webinar is being delivered by Ms Martin on Thursday 5th December. This one will provide revision support for the English Literature mock exam taking place the next day.

One bit of feedback from a student: ‘why wasn’t it longer - it was fun!’ .

Head Teacher, Mr Roberts said ‘I think it has the potential to make a significant difference to students in helping them to prepare for their exams’.